Let's get straight to it. 

Do you need to lose weight? 

Do you want to workout but have no clue where to start? 

Do you feel unmotivated?

Do you wish you had a personal trainer but can't afford one?

Do you want to eat healthy but have no clue where to start?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions this Ebook is your answer. Fitness With Z Presents: The 28 Day Cut. A four week progressive bodyweight circuit training program designed to help you reconnect with your body mentally and physically. Four weeks of workouts with exercise demonstration videos included, along with a grocery list, nutrition guidance, and an accountability group to guarantee motivation. The best part is there's no equipment needed, all you need is commitment. By purchasing this book Im proud to say you now a client of mine. I am your personal trainer, I am here to help you along your fitness journey. I am here for all you and all your health and fitness needs never hesitate to reach out. Lets meet our goals together. 

The 28 Days Cut